Everything you need to know about Call of Duty Warzone, Activision's latest Battle Royale

Updated: Mar 12

Lets start off with the official launch trailer. Once you've watched that, have a read below.

So when can I play?

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General info:

  • For those who own Modern Warfare; 18-22GB update;

  • FREE for everyone; 80-100GB download;

  • 150 player lobbies;

  • Trios only at launch. Duos and solos will come later.

  • The gas! The gas moves pretty quickly in Warzone. However, there is a way to avoid damage in the gas... a gas mask. These can be found around the map and they have their own health levels (see below for info on health and armour.)

  • The game features an in game currency "cash". You enter the game with $0, and will find cash around the map as you loot. "Buy stations" are located around the map and can be seen on the map. Using the ping system you can mark a close-by buy station for your team mates. You can use your cash at buy stations to purchase items like killstreaks which can only be obtained in this way, or very occasionally whilst looting.

  • Contracts: you can complete contracts to earn cash. They're located around the map in tablets. Different tablets will have different contracts to complete. The reward varies dependant on the contract. Sometimes you don't get cash, but instead get XP, or a preview of the next circle. (On rarer occasions the reward is to see the final circle!)

  • Bounties: these are targeted contracts on an in game opponent. You will be tasked with finding and killing a certain player who is randomly chosen. If you pick up a bounty contract you will see your target's relative location to help you hunt them!

  • Killstreaks are bought with cash at "buy stations". Only one killstreak can be carried at a time. You can purchase more than one but you'll have to pass it to a team mate if you already have one in your inventory.

  • Speaking of inventories. You don't actually have one, not one you need to manage anyway. This makes it much more fast paced! No suitcase simulator here!

  • You can select up to 10 "loadouts". Loadouts drop into the game in the form of a care package. Care packages come into the game randomly and are clearly marked on the map. You're fully exposed when accessing the care package drop so its a risk vs. reward trade off!

  • The game features an automatic health regeneration system with a simple armour system to keep things balanced. It's very different to Black Ops 4. Players can have a maximum of 3 armour plates. Once you have all three you'll have 250 health in total. 100 from your auto regenerating health bar, and 150 from the armour. No bandages, no med kits, no syringes.

  • Cross play with cross progression. This means the same battle pass and the same shop as Modern Warfare.

  • Free to play, F2P. You don't need to own Modern Warfare.

  • Will not support private matches at launch.

  • Gulag respawn system. On your first death you will be transported to the Gulag as a POW, after which you will fight to the death for a chance to escape and re-enter the Warzone. If you die, your only hope is a team mate getting you back into the game by paying $4,500 cash at a buying station.

  • Erm... a handy tip for your first drop. Parachute does NOT auto deploy!

  • Here's the map. Looks to be about 400% bigger than blackout.

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