Warzone Tournament - Free To Enter

On Saturday, Sept 5th from 3-6 pm EST there will be a Warzone Trios Tournament. Anyone is welcome to participate, but you must be a member of the of the server. The tournament is free to enter!

1st place team will be awarded £30 and a vanity role in the server until the next tournament.

2nd and 3rd place will also be granted vanity roles.

Tournament Rules

  • The tournament will be played out over a series of games over 3 hours, teams will submit 3 games to a Tournament Organizer and points will be based on kills and placement.

  • Team with the most points at the end will be crowned the winner. -This tournament will be in Warzone Trios public matches.

  • Team K/D may not exceed a 7 K/D.

  • One competitor from each Team is required to stream on Twitch and MUST enable save past broadcasts in Twitch settings.

  • Submitting scores that don’t have a linked VOD will not count.

  • Reported scores will only be accepted with a screenshot of the stats showing how many kills you achieved at the end of your match and a timestamp of when the match ended on stream.

  • Must have crossplay enabled.

  • All platforms are legal (Xbox, PS4, PC)

  • No stream sniping the other teams.

  • Players can not switch teams, or play on multiple teams.

  • In the case of a Tiebreaker, the team who reports their Score first in the Official Discord will win.

  • Extra time to compete will not be given due to technical issues.

  • Tournament officials and staff are the final authority on all disputes.

  • Rules are subject to change at the Tournament Organizer’s discretion.

  • Please contact an admin in the Discord channel for any disputes.

  • Any form of Cheating will result in an instant disqualification and banning from the server.

  • Minimum ten entries for cash prizes to be applicable.

  • Official scoring for placement and kills will be put out shortly

Team submissions will open on Monday the 31st of August. The deadline for team submissions will be Friday the 4th of September at 11:59pm EST.


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