Warzone: What we know so far about the game and it's release date.

noun: Warzone. Warzone is a word that four weeks ago was synonymous only with global violence and conflict. Now we have a community of nearly 2,500 members and we don’t even have a game!

verb: Hype. Hype is a word that has died a painful death in Warzone LFG Community on every single day ending in a Y.

adverb: Soon. Soon is a word I’ve seen written too many times to count.

noun: Hope. Hope is all we have left now boys… oh and a very very large spoonful of speculation. More on that below.

What we know:

Not that much. There has been a whole host of data-mined info but even that can’t be relied upon as fact. Things can be added, removed or changed. There’s been leak after leak after leak after leak from ever increasingly questionable sources, so far, all of which have been incorrect (so far as the release date is concerned anyhow!)

What we think we know:

Is it definitely, absolutely, undeniably, unquestionably, 100% going to be called Warzone? Would you bet this kittens life on it?

I think it is so, I probably would. But, I'm a betting man.

Loot rarity:

  • White – Common;

  • Green – Uncommon;

  • Blue – Rare;

  • Purple – Epic;

  • Orange – Legendary.


  • Base health: 150;

  • Armor: 150;

Other stuff:

  • Three levels of armour rarity including helmets;

  • Kill streaks: Nukes?!? Cluster Strike, Precision Airstrike, UAV, Shield Turret;

  • Solos, duos, trios and squads; (but maybe not all of them on release.)

  • Economy: there appears to be a plunder/economy system within the game;

  • Last stand mechanic;

  • 1v1 in Gulag for resurrections on death.

What we don’t know:

The release date. We’re hoping for the 10th March. Agony was heard to say on stream “I signed no contract and I know it’s dropping Tuesday” referring to March 10th. This has been the date touted by VGC from day one, and thus far, they seem to be the most reliable outlet. At this stage, all we can do is wait.

Whenever it drops. Whatever it is when it drops. We hope to drop with you into the Warzone. Join us in our Discord by clicking the link below.

Warzone LFG Community Server.


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